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If you have any of these needs, you have come to the right place. 

Roger Angle has a broad background in journalism, creative writing, teaching, and PR. 

Most PR people have never seen the inside of a newsroom. On the other hand, Angle was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize his first year as a reporter and worked 12 years on staff for newspapers in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and California. 

The most effective PR people understand both sides of the street. Angle succeeds at PR by making life easier for reporters and editors. He understands the needs of both clients and editors.

One of the best ways to increase market visibility and reputation is through expert-position PR, which
showcases client expertise in business and technology. Seeing your company's expertise visible in the marketplace increases confidence among employees and heightens your company's reputation among potential clients.

Long Beach, CA

Roger Angle has placed articles in publications as diverse as The Los Angeles Times, Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine, Diagnostic Imaging, Hospimedica, and MedicalCare International.

His media savvy includes daily newspapers, TV and radio stations, plus consumer and trade publications. For example, he obtained exclusive television coverage for Philips Ultrasound at trade shows in Chicago and New Orleans.

Angle has helped clients in a dozen different fields, including semiconductor equipment manufacturing, corporate turnaround, healthcare providers, nonprofit foundations, medical equipment manufacturers, and environmental consultants.

His journalistic expertise travels well from one industry to another.

Before going into PR, Angle was a newspaper reporter and editor for twelve years, in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Southern California. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize his first year as a reporter.

Angle has parallel careers in teaching and creative writing, fields that require superior communication skills. These skills also travel well among industries and among various media. My advice: Seek breadth and depth in a PR consultant and freelance writer. 
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His motto: "Let's succeed together."