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Is your child not getting his or her best grades in school? Let me help. I show kids how to write a thesis stastement and an outline and then how to fulfill those promises. Been a tutor and teacher since 1972. 
I teach essay writing,  grammar and basic math. I have an MFA in creative writing from UCI and have been a teacher, mostly part-time, since I got my master\'s degree in 1972. 

My background includes  journalism, creative writing, and public relations. 

I was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize my first year as a reporter, 1967, and worked for 12 years full time for newspapers in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and California. 


Long Beach, CA

I was a newspaper reporter and editor for twelve years, in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Southern California. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize his first year as a reporter.

Angle has parallel careers in teaching and creative writing, fields that require superior communication skills. These skills also travel well among industries and among various media. My advice: Seek breadth and depth in a PR consultant and freelance writer. 
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His motto: "I am in the success business. Let me help your student succeed."